Before and After

(I tried to do the same face and failed)

#this is me being stupid #my stupid face
Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 | 26 notes
  1. linksoppa said: *twirls hair*
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    ^pretty ^_^
  3. mexicanassassinisdestiny said: NIGGA YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE LOL NO HOMO
  4. poplockgrimlock said: qt pa-2-t
  5. trailbreakerofficial said: I SEE A CUTIE
  6. classycakepops said: [LOUD COUGHING IN THE DISTANCE]
  7. windows-andteablues said: You’re not Jesus anymore!
  8. goingloco said: I’m I wear an Optimus shirt too, so awkward
  9. candlehat said: AWWW CUUUUUUTEEEE CUTE CUTE
  10. madmud2730 replied:
  11. benji-boop said: wow what a kawaii
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